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Overview of JSSCS

The Joint Secretariat for the Advisory Bodies on Civil Service and Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service (JSSCS) provides dedicated support service to the following four advisory bodies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government -

The four advisory bodies provide independent advice to the Chief Executive on the principles and practices governing pay, conditions of service and salary structure of the non-directorate civil service, the disciplined services, the directorate and the judicial officers respectively. The decision as to whether the advice should be accepted rests with the Government.

Since 1 September 2011, JSSCS has also been providing secretariat support to the Advisory Committee on Post-service Employment of Civil Servants. The Committee advises the Chief Executive and Secretary for the Civil Service on all applications for post-service outside work from directorate officers and publishes an annual report on the work of the Committee.

The Pay Survey and Research Unit (PSRU) of JSSCS is a fact-finding and data analysis organisation which provides information relevant to the determination of civil service remuneration. The annual pay trend survey is one of the main activities of PSRU. Findings of the survey have to be validated by the Pay Trend Survey Committee.